Aitana Derbez

Aitana Derbez is a talented actress born in Mexico City, Mexico. She comes from a renowned entertainment family, as her father is actor Eugenio Derbez and her mother is actress Alessandra Rosaldo. Aitana has made a name for herself in the industry with her captivating performances and charming personality.

  • Birthday: November 4, 2014
  • Age: 8
  • Height: 4 feet 2 inches (127 cm)
  • Net worth: $300,000
  • Profession: Actress


  1. Aitana Derbez made her acting debut at a young age, appearing in films alongside her father Eugenio Derbez and showcasing her talent and natural charm.
  2. She has gained popularity for her roles in both comedic and dramatic films, demonstrating her versatility and promising future in the entertainment industry.


  1. Aitana Derbez has not been involved in any major controversies or scandals thus far in her young career.
  2. As she continues to grow in the public eye, it is important to note that controversies or challenges may arise in the future, which is typical for individuals in the entertainment industry.

Lesser known facts:

  1. Aitana enjoys dancing and has showcased her skills in various performances, displaying her passion for the arts beyond acting.
  2. She has a close bond with her family, often sharing adorable moments with her father, mother, and siblings on social media.
  3. Aitana is fluent in both Spanish and English, allowing her to connect with a wider audience and potentially pursue international projects.
  4. She has a vibrant and playful personality, often bringing joy and laughter to those around her, both on and off the screen.