Sophie Aspin

Sophie Aspin, a British rapper and social media personality, hails from Nottingham, England. Known for her energetic performances and unique style, she has garnered attention for her music and online presence.

  • Birthday: June 1, 1999
  • Age: 24
  • Height: Approximately 5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
  • Net worth: $2 Million
  • Profession: Rapper and social media personality


  1. Sophie Aspin gained initial recognition by posting her rap videos on YouTube and other social media platforms, where she raps about her life experiences and challenges.
  2. She released her debut single titled “The Text That Broke My Heart,” which resonated with her fans and further expanded her presence in the music industry.


  1. Sophie has faced criticism for her lyrics, which some have deemed offensive or controversial, leading to debates about freedom of speech in the music industry.
  2. She was involved in a public feud with another rapper, resulting in heated exchanges on social media and in the press.
  3. Sophie’s outspoken and unfiltered personality has occasionally sparked disputes with other social media influencers and celebrities.

Lesser known facts:

  1. She started her music career at a young age and gained a following in the Grime and UK rap scenes.
  2. Sophie’s rapping style is heavily influenced by her experiences growing up in a tough neighborhood, and she often uses her music to address social issues and personal struggles.
  3. Despite facing criticism, she remains determined and resilient, continuing to create and share her music with her loyal fanbase.
  4. Sophie values her privacy and doesn’t often reveal details about her personal life or family in the public eye.