Suzuka Nakamoto

Suzuka Nakamoto, also known as Su-Metal, is a Japanese singer and the lead vocalist of the idol group Babymetal. She was born and raised in Hiroshima, Japan. Known for her powerful vocals and energetic stage presence, Suzuka Nakamoto has gained international recognition as a prominent figure in the J-pop and metal music scene.

  • Birthday: December 20, 1997.
  • Age: 25 years old.
  • Height: 5 feet 2 inches (157 cm).
  • Net worth: $3 Million
  • Profession: Suzuka Nakamoto is a singer and performer, best known as the lead vocalist of Babymetal.


  1. Suzuka Nakamoto joined the idol group Sakura Gakuin in 2010 and was chosen as one of the founding members of Babymetal in 2013.
  2. Babymetal gained worldwide attention with their fusion of J-pop idol music and heavy metal, and Suzuka Nakamoto’s powerful and versatile vocals played a crucial role in their success.


  1. Babymetal initially faced backlash and controversy from some metal purists who were skeptical of the fusion of idol music and metal genres. However, they have also garnered a dedicated and passionate fanbase.
  2. There have been occasional debates regarding the authenticity of Babymetal’s music and whether they are a genuine metal band or a manufactured idol group. These discussions have sparked differing opinions among music enthusiasts.
  3. In 2018, there was controversy surrounding the departure of one of the founding members of Babymetal, Yui Mizuno, leading to speculation and concern among fans about the group’s future.

Lesser known facts:

  1. Suzuka Nakamoto was a member of the Amuse talent agency’s acting division before joining Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal.
  2. She is known for her distinct singing style, seamlessly transitioning between melodic J-pop vocals and powerful metal screams during performances.
  3. Suzuka Nakamoto has performed on prestigious stages worldwide, including collaborations with renowned artists such as Rob Halford of Judas Priest and DragonForce.
  4. Outside of Babymetal, she has released solo songs and has also been involved in acting projects, showcasing her versatility as an entertainer.