Swifty Blue

Swifty Blue is an American rapper and social media personality known for his unique style and energetic performances. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has gained a significant following for his music and online presence.

  • Birthday: Born on March 12, 1996.
  • Age: Currently 27 years old.
  • Height: 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm)
  • Net worth: $500,000.
  • Profession: Swifty Blue is a rapper and social media personality.


  1. Swifty Blue released his debut mixtape titled “Life of a Problem Child” in 2016, which helped him gain recognition in the music industry.
  2. He has collaborated with various artists and has continued to release music, including singles and EPs, showcasing his versatile style and lyrical abilities.


  1. Swifty Blue has been involved in public feuds and disagreements with other artists and social media personalities, leading to online drama and conflicts.
  2. He has faced criticism for some of his explicit and provocative lyrics, which have sparked debates about the boundaries of artistic expression and societal norms.
  3. Swifty Blue’s confrontational personality and online antics have occasionally landed him in controversial situations, attracting both support and backlash from fans and critics alike.

Lesser known facts:

  1. Swifty Blue is known for his distinctive blue hair, which has become his signature look.
  2. He is an avid skateboarder and often incorporates his passion for skateboarding into his music videos and performances.
  3. Swifty Blue has a loyal fanbase and actively engages with his followers on social media platforms, sharing snippets of his music, behind-the-scenes moments, and personal updates.
  4. Apart from his music career, Swifty Blue has shown interest in fashion and has been seen collaborating with clothing brands and showcasing his unique sense of style.