Umar Johnson

Umar Johnson is an American psychologist, educator, and author, known for his advocacy for the improvement of education and mental health services for African American children. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is a prominent figure in the African American community.

  • Birthday: Born on August 21, 1974.
  • Age: Currently 48 years old.
  • Height: 6 feet 3 inches (190 cm)
  • Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Profession: Umar Johnson is a psychologist, educator, and author.


  1. Umar Johnson has worked as a school psychologist in the Philadelphia School District, where he focused on the special education needs of children.
  2. He has given numerous lectures and presentations on topics related to education, psychology, and African American empowerment.


  1. Umar Johnson has faced criticism and controversy for his unverified claims about his educational background and professional qualifications.
  2. He has been involved in disputes with other individuals and organizations within the African American community, leading to heated debates and disagreements.
  3. Johnson’s outspoken views on various social and political issues have also sparked controversy and divided opinions among the public.

Lesser known facts:

  1. Umar Johnson is a direct descendant of Frederick Douglass, the renowned abolitionist and writer.
  2. He has authored several books, including “Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys” and “Black School White School: Racism and Educational (Mis)Leadership.”
  3. Johnson has advocated for the establishment of independent African-centered schools to address the specific needs of African American children.
  4. He has been active in organizing and participating in community outreach programs to promote educational and mental health initiatives for African American youth.